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Setup a Kubernetes Cluster on Azure

Photo by  Joseph Barrientos  on  Unsplash I finally received my copy of Kubernetes: Up and Running by Kelsey Hightower  (put on pre-order more than a year ago!), and want to set up a Kubernetes cluster to experiment with.  I'm going to use Microsoft's Azure Container Service, but I want to set this up programmatically.  This will let me set up and tear down the cluster whenever I want to, and make sure that it's configuration doesn't drift over time.  This gives me confidence that I can recreate the cluster in exactly the same way later on, if I need to - if I want to move to a different region or resource group or whatever.  This also fits with the DevOps Infrastructure As Code philosophy, allowing you to check your resource scripts into source control and treat them the same as the code that's running on them. There are a couple of prerequisites I need to set up before I get started.  Firstly - I've just talked about versioning the setup, so I need to