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Changing Columns on a VSTS Sprint Board

It's very easy to add columns to a Product Backlog Board in VSTS - you can use the board settings to create new columns, rename and re-order, or even remove columns from the board.  The only special columns are the first and the last one, which can't be removed or deleted since they have a special meaning as far as work goes - they represent the start and end state of the work you're managing. It's more tricky to add columns to a sprint view, though - but this is really useful as it lets you customize the tool to your own workflow and preferences.  You have to be an administrator for the VSTS installation to do this, though - I'll show you how using one of my demo projects. Use the main config menu (the cog wheel) and click on the Process from the Overview tab: My project is an "Agile" project – it uses the Agile template.  From Process you can clone your current process and make your own.  Unfortunately you can't change the proces